Ronaldo Cisneros. Impactful. Iconic. Inspirational.

Ronaldo Cisneros. Impactful. Iconic. Inspirational.
Professional Mexican Footballer, Ronaldo Cisneros, is the epitome of CRKSOLY. Since his recent transfer from Chivas to Querétaro, his profound impact has resonated among teammates and fans alike. Cisneros commands the pitch, radiating an energy that others eagerly absorb. His inspirational presence compels people to emulate his every move. Not only does he deliver big time goals in matches, he showcases CRKSOLY. fashion from head to toe.
To play the beautiful game like Cisneros does, you must dress the part with – CRKSOLY.
Who is Ronaldo Cisneros of Torreón, Mexico? A genuine crack. He dons CRKSOLY. because he understands it elevates his game, enhancing his performance to new heights. Ronaldo embodies a crack mentality, elevating those around him and sharing the brands excellence with everyone he encounters. Signing with a new team presents the chance to prove oneself, an opportunity to showcase one’s capabilities on the field. With the finest apparel in the game + God given talent, Cisneros will undoubtedly shine in the blue, black, and white at Querétaro.
Embracing the CRKSOLY. fashion with an undeniable passion, he is the go-to ambassador for spreading the word about CRKSOLY. embodying its essence in every aspect of his career. From making his debut this past weekend in the distinctive grip socks to proudly using the boot bag and donning the apparel, Cisneros exemplifies the brands lifestyle on and off the pitch. As a striker renowned for scoring quality goals and wearing high-quality apparel, he remains steadfast in his commitment to quality. Always fashionable, he will never be seen wearing anything less than luxury. Clean in his fashion sense, Ronaldo makes it a point to always step out. His dedication to CRKSOLY. extends far beyond the game, influencing fans and other athletes with his stylish approach.

With a keen eye for fashion, Cisneros is spearheading the CRKSOLY. influence across Liga MX, leaving a lasting impression every. single. day.


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